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    MARKET: 4458 York Rd
    FARM: 4493 York Rd
    Wed-Sat 10am - 6pm;
    Closed Sun-Tue
None Such Farm
None Such Farm Market

Our History

None Such Farm has evolved as a Yerkes family business for three generations. In 1926, William H. and Elizabeth Yerkes moved to Buckingham as tenant farmers and began the farming story that continues today. Retaining the long-established name of "None Such", William and Elizabeth then purchased the farm in 1932 and proceeded to raise their four children. Stories of hard times are part of the family lore that makes up the history of None Such. In one, faced with financial difficulty, William was kindly told by a local banker to make payments when he was able, allowing the family to continue farming.

Two sons, William III and John stayed with the family farming business for their entire working lives. During their tenure, the farming operation evolved from producing 400 acres of sweet corn for the Philadelphia wholesale market to construction of a seasonal farm market in 1978. Like their father, "Bill" and John adapted to changing times and demands but always retained a commitment to the highest standard of quality and farm sustainability.

In 1998, Bill and John, together with their families, accepted the offer of farmland preservation. Leslie Yerkes, John's wife, with the proceeds from preservation, acquired Bill's shares of "None Such" and created the opportunity for the next generation to continue the farming business.

Today, two sons of John continue the "None Such" farming tradition with their families. Jon and Scott, like their father, absorbed the farming lifestyle and work ethic from a very young age. Being raised to understand the cycle of preparing, planting and then harvesting year after year means that sustainability is not a new idea, rather it has been three generations in the making. Jon and Karen, Scott and Rhonda and their children look to the past for inspiration. A past that evolved without compromise to quality or the possibilities of future generations.

None Such Farm