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    MARKET: 4458 York Rd
    FARM: 4493 York Rd
    Wed-Sat 10am - 6pm;
    Closed Sun-Tue
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce from None Such Farm

Year-Round Freshness

None Such Farm Market features a huge variety of fresh produce year-round. The farm grows seasonal crops including asparagus, strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes and pumpkins. Other produce sold in the market is locally-sourced when available.

Non-GMO sweet corn is one of the largest crops raised on None Such Farm with an average of 35 acres in production. Each summer, fresh picked white and bicolor corn is available at the market. Fifty separate plantings and a minimum of 7 different Non-GMO seed varieties are required to ensure a continual supply of sweet corn throughout the season.


Though our harvesting schedule changes with the weather, below is our approximate season:

Asparagus: Late April to Early June
Strawberries: Late May to Early June
Sweet Corn: After Mid July to Sometime in September
Tomatoes: After Mid July to Sometime in September
Pumpkins: Mid September to October
Beef Cattle: Available Fresh Year Round

Farm Fresh Produce